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KINETIKSALES SL uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small files that browsers store on the user's hard disk. They are not harmful to the computer and they make browsing smoother and more customised. For instance, cookies can remember what language the user consulted a website in, or recover a basket when a purchase was not completed. The cookies never store personal data that can identify the user.

We also use cookies to track website visits.

Specifically, KINETIKSALES SL uses the following cookies on its website:




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Technical cookie needed for the website to run, enabling services such as browsing, access to secure areas and online shopping.


Google Analytics

_ga, _gat

Collect anonymous information on how users browse the site, identifying the origin of hits and other similar statistical data.

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European Union Cookies Law


Cookie needed to display the notice cookies.

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Removing or blocking cookies

Browsers can remove and/or block website cookies. KINETIKSALES SL recommends not doing so to have the best browsing experience.

Cookie management is slightly different in each browser. Here is the information for managing cookies in the most common browsers used at present:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer



Social network cookies

When users visit KINETIKSALES SL's social network profiles, third-party cookies are installed for all users, whether they are registered or not.

KINETIK on Facebook. Cookies: datr, reg_fb_gate and reg_fb_ref. More information on the Facebook cookies page.

KINETIK on Twitter. Cookies: guest_id, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, original_referer and _twitter_sess. More information on the Twitter privacy page.

KINETIKSALES SL on Google+ and YouTube. Cookies: test_cookie, NID, OTZ and PREF. More information on the Google cookies page.

KINETIK on Instagram. Cookies: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, csrftoken and mid. More information on the Instagram cookies page.